Awnings for Cafes and Restaurants


This article would like to briefly remind you of the main types of awnings for cafes, restaurants, bakeries, and other establishments. Moreover, for clarity, we will do this using the example of specific establishments, the owners of which used our services in the past 2019.


This type of awning has been very popular among the owners of cafes and restaurants for many years. They are installed, as a rule, in window openings or above entrance groups.

Basket products can be rectangular, semicircular, and even elliptical. As a rule, the product’s design is selected based on the shape of the window opening. But in other cases, customers, even though the windows in their institutions have a rectangular shape, still prefer semicircular dome canopies.

Dome basket canopies serve not to protect from the sun but to add style and recognition to the establishment. In addition, like any other awning canopies, basket awnings can also perform an advertising function. For this, a logo or an inscription can be applied to the fabric by silk-screening. The application can be placed on the lower sector of the product or the lambrequin (flounce/skirt).