How to Save Money on Renovating an Apartment?


Regardless of financial capabilities, unnecessary spending will not please anyone, especially in this difficult time. Not everything can be saved on repairs, especially if there is no desire to correct errors every six months. To get a decent interior that will not cause headaches and will last for many years, you need to carefully consider which design elements are worth investing in and what you can save on.

Tips & Tricks

Having a certain budget, you need to look for a middle ground that allows you not to go beyond it, for which there are several simple methods:

  • Avoiding extremes. Some people think that the most expensive materials are the best materials, and they are sincerely surprised when the money runs out by the middle of the renovation. Others believe that renovations can be done very cheaply, spending time looking for sales, which lasts forever and gives the impression that no changes have occurred in the apartment. To avoid such frustrations, you should plan purchases and expenses so that you can see them even before starting work.
  • Drawing up an action plan. It implies a thorough study of the upcoming repairs with the preparation of estimates for absolutely all costs. It would be appropriate and justified to use the services of a designer, which many consider an impermissible luxury. However, he is guaranteed to develop intelligent solutions and draw up drawings for workers.
  • Contacting professional builders. There is nothing worse than a crooked and sloppy bathroom or kitchen, for which materials are the most expensive. All this may well become a reality if you use the services of dubious builders, sparing money for professionals.
  • Weighted choice of style. Most interior styles do not fit into a small budget, which restricts their choice. For this reason, the option should be given to minimalism, Provence, loft, and other simple styles.
  • Search for interesting combinations. By combining the most unexpected interior items, you can get a very attractive result. For example, a variety of modern cuisine and antique chairs or a homemade dining table would work well.

Inexpensive and interesting apartment decoration

Some rooms are recommended to be finished with certain materials, which, in addition to the low price, will add attractiveness to the interior and ensure long service life. For example:

  • It is advisable to cover the kitchen floor with tiles. It will not be difficult to find an inexpensive but beautiful and modern option. At the same time, any linoleum will have to be changed in a few years, which will lead to additional costs.
  • Doors and windows, as well as batteries, can be coated with the most common white paint.
  • In the absence of allergy sufferers in the family, the carpet will be the best floor covering. It is best to cover a wooden floor with varnish but only imported, as it has a less poisonous smell.
  • By combining several colors of wallpaper when pasting walls, you can immediately kill two birds with one stone: firstly, such a solution is original and attractive, and, secondly, the leftovers of wallpaper sold in the store at a reduced price will be enough for its implementation.
  • It is worth appreciating the benefits of paintable wallpaper. They have a slightly higher price than ordinary ones, but at the same time, they are wider and have a pleasant-looking texture. In addition, during repeated repairs, there will be no need to re-glue the wallpaper – you can repaint it in a different color.

Economical choice of materials

When buying materials, a few practical tips will help you save money, nerves, and time:

  • Purchase only proven and high-quality materials. Well-established, not very expensive brands and manufacturers are guaranteed to help you avoid the need to redo anything.
  • Search for cheap products or buy all materials at once. If you have spare time, you can search for materials in different stores, because the price in each of them may differ. It would also be appropriate to buy all the necessary materials at once in one place. It is worth contacting the wholesale department with a large purchase amount, which will allow you to save a little and, possibly, get a discount.
  • It is advisable to purchase rough materials (cement, sand, timber) through advertisements, guaranteed to help save money.
  • When putting the walls in front of the wallpaper, you can use plaster putty, the cost of which is much lower than acrylic, and the quality is not worse.
  • Instead of expensive parquet flooring, it is quite possible to lay thick linoleum. Its characteristics will allow it to last for a long time. In addition, there are many different coatings of the material that imitate a board, tile, or stone.
  • The walls in the bathroom can be finished with plastic panels, which are much easier to install and cheaper than tiles.

Confidence in the choice of material, careful selection of the style of the future apartment, and the implementation of repairs by professionals will ensure you get a result that will exceed all expectations!