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For some time now, theaters have been aiming to become building blocks, attracting tourists and hopeful cities. Future construction projects not only aim to create spatial environments, but also to promote energy efficiency and environmental sustainability: the so-called “green concept” will have three-dimensional dimensions: social and environmental. And financial.

In the case of the social sphere

 Projects that try to revitalize some urban areas, create green spaces for locals or facilitate mobility solutions. Real Madrid’s new Santiago Bernabeu revitalized project will reduce traffic congestion by building an underground transportation system. From an environmental and economic point of view, the sports industry is more committed to energy efficiency, renewable energy, reuse, water conservation, safe use of chemicals and healthy eating.

The venue of any event riachtanach 해외축구중계사이트 is an important component of the final product design, which advises clubs to consider a comprehensive overhaul of their facilities, within their values, many of which are built on a unique reality. . At Ethics de Bilbao, the Spanish sports club Atletico de Madrid decided to build a new stadium, while others underwent major renovations, such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona or Real Suicide. Each to adapt to future needs.

Eduardo Gomez, the family’s chief executive, and Enrique Herrera, the corporate director general of corruption.

In the 1980s, with the advancement of technology in the field of telecommunications, the gaming industry began to experience a pre-existing shift that had a strong impact on businesses and the management of various sports organizations. Since then, a system of rapid professionalism in sports management has taken place, in line with the latest trends and skills of players who have overcome obstacles they could not even imagine until a few years ago. The result of this evolution is a generation of complex ecosystems that revolve around a wide range of affiliates, economists, corporations, and commerce, creating a vital circle that is growing in significant numbers: 3,500 million Olympic spectators. ; More than a hundred million people watched the Super Bowl final live; With a value added of, 7,600 million, a survey by KPMG estimates that football contributes to the Spanish economy.

In the case of football, players are at the center of this habitat,

 Clubs, national and international competitions, hosting companies, sponsors, cities and international organizations are all important components of this great football industry. To address this, we have a better understanding of the need to regulate sports clubs in general and football clubs in particular, depending on their ability to meet business requirements. When Master in Sports presented EUDE-csbm Business Management last April, an updated discussion focused on the professionalism of football clubs and the differences and principles of company management. This report highlights some of the key flaws in governing the sports organization as a company. The main conclusion is shown in this article.