Does Your Home Really Have Selling Power?

Selling Power

A home is more than just the house we happen to live in. It’s more than a place for us and our family to feel warm, comfortable and safe. It’s more than the memories we build within its walls and faces. To take a cold, hard (and profitable) look at it, it’s an asset. It’s what we can use to build our own financial security and take a step up to the next level of comfort. But only if we work on it. We need to recognize what sells in a home and what we can do to improve it.

Selling a House As-Is: How to Skip Repairs and Move On!
Provided by Selling a House As-Is: How to Skip Repairs and Move On!

# Space

There’s no denying it. When it comes to selling a home, the absolute king in setting a price is the space you have in it. That’s one key to consider if you have a team of builders ready for your dream home. Economically, it could make more sense to keep more space than you immediately need. If you’re looking to add value through space, there are a few different methods, too. Conservatories and extensions can be a great addition, if you incorporate them well. Converting lofts and finishing basements both give extra square footage and let you list another room, which has value all its own.

# The exterior

A home needs to have more than just the attractive statistics to its name, of course. Providing that’s all well and good, you need to consider the wow factor. A home needs to impress its buyers, often it does that visually. Curb appeal is a huge part of making a home look more valuable and getting people to check it out in the first place. Don’t show off an overgrown garden, keep it unique and attractive. Similarly, put effort into having a warm, welcoming doorway. It can give that right cosy appeal that prospective buyers want to see.

# The interior

It’s not just the exterior that matters, however. There’s a bit of a rule that goes around with those in real estate. It goes like this: kitchens sell homes. Bathrooms are a close second. So how you decorate and present them can very much make an impact in how much selling power your home has. You want to emphasise light and space, making both look like they have as much as they can get of both. At the same time, avoid going too far into your own tastes. People can get put off by some silly things, even if it is changes they can easily make themselves.

# Pool or no pool?

It’s the big question in making a home more sellable. Does a pool in the garden add any value or not? In all honesty, it depends on where your home is. Pools are more than a luxury. They’re a significant cost when it comes to maintaining it. In some neighbourhoods, that kind of expense isn’t all that considerable. In others, it may strike prospective buyers as too much of a bother. Do your research on your area to find out whether getting a pool is an investment or just a bit of fun for you.