How would using modular buildings help our school save money?

Green credentials: Modular buildings can be constructed off-site which means they help save on energy costs and reduce the campus’s carbon footprint. When modular buildings are built, they are made in a factory and this can lead to less waste, fewer resources being required, and more space for the traffic. Modular buildings have been designed to be high-performance in terms of thermal performance, which means they can help improve the heating or air conditioning of your school building

Fast construction: When you need a new school, modular classrooms can make it happen quicker – building in weeks instead of months or years. The buildings are also built offsite, meaning less disruption to classes and learning. Lots of schools opt for modular classrooms which can be brought into the school grounds during the summer holidays so as to minimize disruption.

3 Tips for schools to help save money during development

Recycling is a very important activity because it helps us to be eco-friendly and it reduces waste. It also helps us to plan ahead because then we know what we will spend and what we will need. Reusing where possible, recycling initiatives, and investing in more eco-friendly processes and equipment have long-term savings on materials and energy costs. Reduce, reuse and recycle to make significant long-time savings, which can then be used in other aspects. Many shops give you cash or vouchers when you bring in a piece of clothing for sale, and some supermarkets will exchange plastic bottles for points. On The Other hand, electronics stores will often buy old items. These measures may seem like a small investment, but they are important in helping your school be more cost-efficient. By switching to sustainable energy sources, you’ll be able to get a better perspective on saving money in the long run.

Lease or buy a used modular classroom to meet changing needs at your institution. Used modular buildings are held to the same standard as new ones and often come at a much lower price.

Schools have a lot of valuable space which can be rented to smaller schools and clubs. We’d love for you to give our staff a call. We have plenty of excellent staff members who would enjoy the opportunity to volunteer at your school during out-of-hours and help look after students while they’re on the premises as well. Plus, they could help get gymnasiums or classrooms ready for local clubs so they can hire them too! This could be a great opportunity for your school, to get a large space that is cared for and trusted.PF Modular builds innovative and educational projects, from aesthetically pleasing schools to more cost-effective classrooms. Streamlining the environment creates long-term financial savings, perfect for educational environments now. Contact PF Modular,  so we can visit your school and talk to you about our excellent solutions.