Things To Consider Before Buying A Shower Chair For Elderly

shower chair for elderly

One of the easiest ways to help your elderly loved ones maintain their independence is to buy them a shower chair. It’s perfect for anyone who has trouble standing up and getting into the shower on their own. You’ll love how much more independent they are feeling, and so will they! If you are finding shower chairs for bathtubs, you should consider a list of things. 

What to Consider Before Buying A Shower Chair

If you are thinking of getting a shower chair for an elderly loved one, you should consider a few things. Here are some tips: 

First and foremost, ensure the chair is comfortable for the person using it. Many older people have stiff muscles and bones, so a chair that is too soft can cause discomfort. It is also essential to ensure the chair has ample padding to protect the user’s back and bottom. 

You should also think about the size of the rolling shower chair. A smaller or narrower chair will fit someone who is shorter than average, while a more prominent or broader chair will fit someone taller than average. 

Finally, consider the budget when shopping for a shower chair on wheels. Not all chairs are created equal, some are more expensive than others, and you can usually find a good-quality shower chair for under $100.

Types of Showers For Elders

There are several factors related to showers that you should consider before making your purchase. First and foremost, make sure that the shower chair is comfortable for your elderly loved one. Some models provide a lot of support, while others are more like sitting in a chair. Taking into account the type of shower your elder will use. A handheld shower can be especially difficult for someone with impaired mobility, so be sure to choose one with an armrest or a bar to help them get in and out easily. Finally, consider the size of the chair. Many chairs fit into smaller spaces than traditional bathtubs, so keep that in mind when selecting.

Benefits of Using a Shower Chair For Bathtubs

There are many benefits to using a shower chair for elder

One of the significant benefits is the ability to get up and down easily. Many seniors have difficulty getting up and down from a seated position, making it challenging to take care of their personal hygiene needs. A shower chair for handicapped allows them to move around easily and get in and out of the shower as needed.

Another benefit is that elders can conserve water. Showering in a seated position uses more water than showering while standing, so using a shower chair conserves water. Additionally, if an elder cannot get up from a seated position because of age or illness, using a shower chair allows them to stay hydrated without having to drink multiple cups of water. 

Having rolling shower chairs also allows elders to remain safe while caring for their personal hygiene needs. Shower chairs have safety features such as arms that keep the user in place, so they cannot fall off the chair or slip out of it. In addition, many shower chairs have grab bars on either side so that the user can safely reach for products they need while in the shower.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bathroom Shower Chair For Elderly

One of the most important decisions a person has to make regarding their health is choosing the right bathroom chair. Not only will this chair help with your posture, but it can also help you conserve energy and improve your circulation. In order to make an informed decision when buying a shower chair for handicapped, here are some tips to consider:

Centrally, choose a disability shower chair that is comfortable. The seat should be firm, and the back and armrests should also be adjustable to ensure a custom fit.

Next, think about your needs. If you have limited mobility, choose a chair that has wheels or an easy lifting system. Opt for a fixed-height or stationary chair if you need to remain in one position for long periods.

Finally, consider budget and accessibility. While high-end chairs may be more comfortable, they may also break more easily. On the other hand, lower-priced chairs may not be as durable or accessible, so deciding what is most important to you before making a purchase is important.


Older adults often find it tough to get up from a sitting or lying position, so purchasing a shower chair can make their lives much more straightforward. When you want a shower chair for elderly, think about SPN Mobility. It is a brand that provides the best products for seniors and their loved ones, and we ensure our products are of premium quality that will last long.