TV in soccer mode

The football season is about to start. The excitement returns, the goals return and, above all, the plans return with your friends around your LG Smart TV Webs.

And since we know that you love to invite them home to enjoy the best games, we are going to propose an infallible formula to put your TV Recliner in soccer mode. So you can see them with the highest possible image and sound quality. Attention:

To adjust the picture and sound

Press the ‘Settings’ button on your remote control and access ‘Quick Settings’

Select ‘Picture Mode’ and change the active one to ‘Sports’ mode.

Go back to ‘Quick Settings’ and this time change the ‘Sound’ mode, again choosing the epl중계 option

You will immediately notice more vivid colors and much more realistic and immersive audio. The stands, the comments, the players… everything will be different and much more powerful. And that you will only have changed a couple of settings on your TV 😉

To get live statistics

But if you are also passionate about statistics, we have a completely free app that you are going to love. It’s called Stadia LG and it will show you live statistics for the game you’re watching.

Enter the LG Store.

Search for the ‘LG Stadium’ app by scrolling with your remote, in the ‘All’ menu.

Install the app. Remember, it’s free.

While watching the game, open ‘LG Stadium’ by going to ‘Home’.

Go to the ‘Now’ menu in the app and choose your match. You will be able to access the data of all those who are playing in the most important leagues on the planet.

In addition, you will be able to display and minimize the statistics while watching the match. You can even choose what data to see: shots on goal, fouls, and cards from both teams or compare the players who are on the field. And all live and without missing a thing.