Types of Cargo Protectors and Their Advantages!

flatbed edge protectors

Safety and security should be everyone’s top priorities. Try your best to deliver products safely. These edge protectors are used for shipping goods safely; they are also known as corners. These protectors are designed to protect the goods and products in your cargo. There are different kinds of protectors, such as flatbed edge protectors, tarp protectors, steel protectors, metal corner protectors, rubbing corner guards, etc. These cargo protectors are designed with rounded edges so that the tarp can slide easily around the edge of the truck.

Metal corner protectors 

The metal corner protectors are stainless steel corner guards. They are crafted to shield the cargo from harm caused by the load, including both the straps and the cargo. The installation of these has been greatly simplified because they include a mountain screw. Furthermore, they weigh between 1.5 and 0.5 pounds. As far as the cost is concerned, they are inexpensive and can be re-used. This, we believe, is the most significant advantage.

plastic corner protectors

The plastic packaging is fragile. You cannot ship products without using plastic corner protectors. The plastic corner protects your products from damage, which is usually caused by strapping. They are available in different colors. The good thing about these corners is that they come in packs, like a pack of 10, 20, or 30 because they are a bit costly, but they are worth buying. They weigh around 6 lbs. 

TARP Corner Protectors

These are the special protectors which are designed to avoid damage mainly caused by overload. Every time there is a risk of the strap being cut or abraded by the load, they are mandated by law. It has a recess in the corners to safeguard the edges of the cargo. They are extremely light, weighing between 0.2 and 0.1 kg. Moreover, these are widely available on the market and online. Last but not least, they are easy to use and install.

Rubber corner protectors

It goes without saying that no one wants their investment to be ruined. No matter how big or small it is. The rubber corner protectors are used to protect various things. They prevent damage to your products, vehicles, buildings, homes, and whatnot. They are easy to use and inexpensive.

moving blankets

Moving blankets are specially designed blankets used by the textile industry to protect heavy clothing items, furniture, and other large items. Combined with 30% PET fibers, moving blankets are made of 70% recycled cotton fibers. It contains a thick pad that aids in the protection of the items. Most of the time, when people are shifting to a new country or new home, they prefer using moving blankets. However, they can only be hand-washed. Each blanket weighs 1.66 pounds and has a tensile strength of 40 pounds. with a thickness of 3 mm (about 0.12 in).

Protect your investment by ordering cargo protectors that meet your specifications. shop online or buy it from a reliable store.