Are Packaged Drinking Water Suppliers True To Their Claims?

There are umpteen mineral water bottle suppliers that claim their brands to be of unadulterated quality. However, it’s hard to say how far the claims are valid. It’s become close to impossible to get pure purified drinking water. There are so many steps that need to be carried out before they reach us in the form of packaged drinking water. It’s pretty evident from the name that mineral water has various minerals; minerals, as we all know, are of crucial importance as far as the human body is concerned, but what most of us may be unaware of is that there needs to be a correct balance of minerals in your drinking water. A  healthy diet is not just limited to healthy food options; and it must be supplemented by a lot of other things; drinking the right kind of water is one if you want the benefits to last longer.

  • Mineral water is a trusted source of calcium. As we all know, it is very efficient for our tooth and bone health; there are countless health benefits associated with it, whether it be hair health or keeping hormonal balances in place.
  • The kidney, a vital organ of the human body, has to be hundred percent, one of the easiest ways to make that possible is by getting the toxins out of your system. Mineral water resists the toxic accumulation in the body, thus keeping the kidney health at its best.
  • The electrolyte is an essential element of the nervous system and muscles and is even responsible for balancing the ph level in the human body. It takes shape by the interactivity between various minerals, and these are the same minerals found in mineral water. So when there is a lack of electrolytes in the body, mineral water has proved to help restore them.

Contrary to the claims of most packaged drinking water suppliers, it’s quite an uphill task to get safe, purified drinking water; we have seen many people getting infected by waterborne diseases. And the worst part is that it has heavy metals like zinc and mercury, which are an invitation to diseases. No matter what mineral water bottle suppliers claim, there are endless reasons why it’s not easy to get clean drinking water.

  • Most of us would tend to treat clean drinking water as a matter of fundamental right instead of a brand with a fixed objective, so we end up paying way lesser than what it costs, or we are more likely to grumble about its pricing. Therefore companies( the smaller ones) have to resort to comprising on the quality of water, and eventually, the pricing is revised too. So lack of ideal pricing is a huge factor in the absence of clean drinking water.
  • Secondly, you can’t deal with something, not in plain sight; the harmful elements present in water are not visible to the naked eye. You might wonder what the examining cycles are for then? They are way slower and expensive, where each step is time-consuming with the financial aspect intact; therefore, it’s quite a big deal to have pure drinking water.


Regardless of what packaged drinking water suppliers claim, it’s indeed a challenge to make sure we are not making any wrong choices when it comes to drinking clean water.