These Are the Happiest Cities in Oregon

Happiest Cities in Oregon

Finding a truly happy city can rely on countless factors working together. Not only do you need your city to be fun and interesting, but the people need to be friendly and genuinely find it rewarding to live there.

Oregon has countless happy cities! If you’re eager for a slice of sunshine, consider stopping into one of these friendly towns.

1. Hermiston

If you’re ever interested in breaking off a little paradise for yourself, you’ll find it in Hermiston. This beautiful and safe city is the best place to raise a family in the state and offers fun and excitement for all ages. Fewer than eight percent of residents have to get up before five in the morning to work, and the average commute is less than twenty minutes. 

Residents say they love living here because of the trendy and beautiful shops and walkable streets, and it’s clear to see why that’s so charming.

2. Portland

Just a couple of hours in this city is all you’ll need before you get the urge to look at Portland houses for sale! Although most major cities can’t be rated as friendly places to live because of how much anger can come from traffic and aggressive tourism, Portland is just built differently!  

This amazing green-focused city is one of the best places to start a career, make friends, and find the best craft beers you’ve ever tried. Just two hours from Seattle and at home on the most beautiful coastline in the country, it’s easy to want to call this area home.

3. Tualatin

This tiny town is best known for the Tualatin Crawfish Festival, which puts the 27,000 residents who live here into tourism mode. Although the city is small, it’s safe and comfortable, with fewer than four percent of people having to get up before five in the morning to work. Divorce rates are low here, and so are crime rates and commute times. It’s simply a magnet for the friendliest people you’ll ever meet! 

4. Newport

If you want a little wildlife and nature in your quaint town, you’ll fall in love with Newport! Home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, and Yaquina Head Lighthouse, you’ll love this city and its fantastic shoreline. The weather is calm and warm for most of the year, and the likelihood of being the victim of a violent crime is less than half a percent, which is a statistic few cities can back up. Locals love affordable housing and beautiful views, and who can blame them? 

5. Keizer

This is another perfect smaller city, and it’s one surrounded by beautiful flowers throughout most of the year. Popular for its irises, this is a high-earning area that doesn’t have to drive far to work. Only 20% of the average local’s income is spent on housing, which means they’re free to spend their money as they please. Who wouldn’t be happy? 

Oregon is a One of a Kind State!

Whether you’re considering moving here or you’re planning a vacation and want to have a wonderful time, Oregon is a great state. Consider some of these friendly and happy cities for your next stop.