Hip Hop Song

Hip-hop songs are ubiquitous on the internet and offer rap fans a chance to tap into this growing genre. This is how to download free hip hop music and videos from the best new and old artists.

The first place we recommend is Jamendo. You can search the website by music license and genre. The first option is useful if you want to use beats in your own music. If you want to find music that you can reuse, you can find songs that you can modify, create, or customize and use them commercially (if you want to sell your music). If you’re not looking for royalty-free tracks, this site still has a variety of hip hop songs to explore. The selection is great.

Pandora is an online radio station with many rap artists.

 I use this website religiously to learn about new music. You can create your own radio stations by instructing Pandora to search for a specific genre, artist or keyword. For example, you can create a station based on us and Pandora will give you a list of related artists and songs (musically and lyrically). As each song plays, you can vote for or against it, and Pandora will change the selection based on your preferences. Can’t tell you how many new artists I’ve found with this service.

Hip-hop new mp3 song is passionately discussed on numerous rap forums and is a great place to learn more. Most forums like Rap Beats and All Hip Hop have a new music-only section. Post your favorite artists and see what other people recommend.

Another great place is YouTube. A friend of mine started using this to play background music at a party we hooked up to his TV. It’s like always having your own MTV! To be honest, I was surprised at how many old popular charts they offer. Of course you have to change the song yourself, but the video selection is unlike anything else online!

All four websites are constantly providing new songs and videos to help you stay up to date with the latest songs. For those interested in hip-hop songs and music videos, this resource cannot be misused.