Customized Bundle Package-Get More Value for Your Money 

Customized Bundle Package-Get More Value for Your Money 

The more the services, the lower the price! How lucrative does it sound? Almost too good to be true! But when it comes to clubbing digital services, this is actually true. Industry sales pros as well as seasoned customers both highly recommend the practice of clubbing services. You get to enjoy more services at a budget-friendly price.

Most leading ISPs have trained customer service resources to help you. They will guide you to choose a suitable plan according to your needs and preferences. For instance, if you get in touch with Cox cable customer service, they will ask about your needs. And then they will exactly recommend the right options for you. You won’t have to overspend to get the services you want.

Why Consider Bundling?

We all need the amenities of TV, internet, and phone in our houses. Most of us try not to subscribe to a plan that makes us stretch our monthly budget. We scrutinize the features of all the available plans to get the one with an affordable monthly billing schedule.

Generally, the providers of these services offer standalone services for a higher price tag. But if you club various services from them, they are willing to offer you an economical price. Most providers offer a discount in the form of bundles. Bundles usually include internet, phone, cable TV, and security systems.

But, isn’t that a win-win situation for you! You get to maximize the value of your order at a lower price. For instance, compared to the standalone plan charges, you get to save around $170 per year. That’s if you bundle cable TV and internet.  

Benefits of Bundling

The economy is designed in a way where the prices of amenities and utilities are going higher by the day. We struggle to save a few bucks here and there to survive. Therefore, availing of discounts in the form of bundling isn’t a bad idea at all. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of clubbing services.


Buying all three services from a single provider is hassle-free. It will save you the hassle of communicating and bargaining with three different providers for three different service plans.

Furthermore, you will get three services and a single bill at the end of the month. So, you will also save yourself from the hassle of utility bill payments. Worry about water, electricity, and other bills because these three are already covered. Plus no more confusion about checking and calculating bills from different vendors. Because you will have a single, all-inclusive bill.

Moreover, when you are purchasing every service from a single provider, they will also take the responsibility of installation. In addition, they will also take care of moving services and get help from customer service in an event of a glitch. Isn’t it convenient!

Better Deals and Discounts

We have already established that offering bundles are essentially a way of offering discounts. Let’s give you a comprehensive breakdown for a better understanding.

If you subscribe to standalone services, you will pay around $45 for a cable TV connection along with a set-top box worth $10. For a decent internet plan, you will pay around $44.99 a month. Therefore, even if you skip digital phones, these two services will cost you over $100 per month. That’s after adding surcharges. And if you get any add-ons such as premium channels, then the price will further escalate.

All of this is when you have subscribed to these services separately. Therefore, it is clear that standalone plans are not only pricier but also offer lesser value.

Great Channel Tiers and High Bandwidth

One of the best things about clubbed services is that you get all the premium channels like HBO without any additional charges. So, you can plan a movie night with friends and family any time you want. In standalone plans, they offer basic ala carte channels and pricing options. But you will get a comprehensive channel tier when you go for bundling.

The same goes for the internet. You get to enjoy faster downloading speeds when you go for clubbing options.

Promotional Offers and Facilities

Many providers offer promotional offers when you bundle up their services. You don’t get to enjoy these facilities while subscribing to a standalone service. Some of the common facilities that you will enjoy are as follows:

  • Fee waivers
  • Access to premium programming
  • Free installation
  • Bonus features

Long story short, bundling services is beneficial for both, the provider and the customer. So, why not!