What Movies and TV Shows to Watch Right Now

What Movies and TV Shows to Watch Right Now

2020 has been a roller coaster for everyone. Struck by the global pandemic and its panic, schools, and offices closed, and we all went through months of confinement in our houses during the lockdown. And while shooting and filming were also on a halt during these months, thankfully, we still had tons of entertainment titles on our streaming services to binge on and make this time, less miserable!

Now that we are collectively flipping the calendar page to welcome the new month, I decided to share the list of curated movie and show recommendations to make your leisure time a perfect indulgence. Moreover, I also upgraded the speed tier of my subscription to one of the Optimum internet packages during self-quarantine to binge on these shows.

This year has been unusual and challenging for the entertainment industry. Movies have moved their release dates and premiering only on VOD. Still, whether you are looking for a perfect rom-com, a sci-fi action, or a historical drama, take a look at these promising recommendations.

The Fall

Starring Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson, The Fall is an incredible psychological thriller aired on BBC. It has recently arrived on the streaming giant, Netflix, and people seem to be hooked to it.

This crime drama is set in Northern Ireland. Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson play the role of the serial killer and detective superintendent respectively. You will indulge in an adventurous rollercoaster ride while Anderson attempts to catch the notorious killer.

The show was aired on BBC Two originally and managed to impress a huge audience. After winning a significant claim, landed on Netflix. Therefore, if you have missed it the first tie, now is the time to indulge in it.

First Cow

Not everyone has the stamina and patience for TV series. But they do need their due dose of entertainment. Therefore, as we promised, we are going to share some movie titles too. Starring Orion Lee, John Magaro, Toby Jones, René Auberjonois, and others, First Cow is an evocative tale of frontier life.

The action begins when two skeletons are discovered in the woods. A young woman and her dog stumble upon the bones somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The story unfolds with flashbacks of the old Oregon when it was less developed and bustled with rampant exploitation and perilous opportunities.

The movie is a perfect indulgence with its dramatic depiction of old times. Eventually, the plot reveals the mystery behind those skeletons in an effective turn of events.

The Umbrella Academy

This Netflix show has managed to earn a whopping number of viewers in such a short time. First aired in 2019, the show has 2 seasons. This show is a dynamic blend of sci-fi and dark comedy. Starring Ellen Page, Aidan Gallagher, Robert Sheehan, and others, this fantasy story revolves around superheroes.

By nature, superheroes are usually depicted as loners. But in this show, you will see them in a family setting for a change. It is fun but you cannot expect a plain sailing with superheroes in the house!

Set in an alternate universe, the show is thoroughly entertaining because it is adapted from comics by Gerard Way. Vanya (played by Ellen) is one of the 7 adopted children. Of all the siblings, only Vanya doesn’t have superpowers. Catch the action while her siblings try to save the world!


The movie stars Sônia Braga, Bárbara Colen, Udo Kier, Thomas Aquino, and others. Bacurau is a story that focuses on community joining in order to fight off the invaders. The movie is rich in heroic moments and shots depicting grandeur, bloodshed, justice, and vengeance.

This feverish tale of the quasi-dystopian genre, set in a fictional city of Brazil is full of cathartic showdowns. When a filmmaker arrives in the city to make a documentary, he ends up exploring more than just the geography, daily routines, and political realities of the city.

Eventually, he figures out that the locals are more than what they reveal. Indulge in this movie full of thrill and mystery to know what dangerous secrets are going to be unleashed.

Altered Carbon

Somehow, the sci-fi content always takes us by surprise. The moment the audience starts thinking that it’s hard to come up with a new and novel sci-fi concept, the entertainment world surprises up with its uniqueness and creativity.

Altered Carbon is one of those sci-fi/cyberpunk shows, which have been well thought and created by its creators. Joel Kinnaman stuns us with his incredible looks and impressive acting skills in the show. This mind-bending drama is based on Richard K Morgan’s novel based on a cyberpunk noir.

The show is set 300 years in the future and introduces the groundbreaking concepts of re-sleeving and digitized human consciousness. This means that humans live, forever, by hopping from one host body to another. Theoretically, of course!

The show is not dry science. Takeshi Kovacs, played by Joel Kinnaman goes through an emotional journey when he survives and finds himself in a different sleeve. The show will keep you glued to the screen with various themes of romance, commitment, redemption, and so much more.

All the shows and the movies on the list are worth watching. I watched The Fall with my subscription to one of the Optimum TV packages. You can also watch most of them on Netflix and other streaming services.