Everything about Ethereum Name Service


Ethereum Name Service (ENS) works in a similar way to Domain Name Services. It is a decentralized way to eliminate the need for long addresses and replace them with shortened human-readable names. In fact, Ethereum Name Service gained a lot of attention as it makes addresses of cryptocurrency wallets simpler. ENS translates identifiers (private key and public key addresses) on Web 3 to domain names. Afterwards, the Ethereum blockchain registers these domains within the network. 

Read the full article to know more about Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and how to buy one. 

Table of contents

  • What is the Ethereum Name Service?
  • Why is ENS unique?
  • Steps to get ENS domain
  • Where to buy ENS?
  • Closing up

What is the Ethereum Name Service?

Ethereum Name Service or ENS is a decentralized way to translate complex domain names into machine-readable domain names. In general words, it converts long addresses to easy to read URLs. At present, crypto addresses generate long strings of numbers and letters, which get hard to memorize for users. In fact, one of the biggest challenges people face with Ethereum is its long hexadecimal address. That’s why technology experts introduced dot-separated hierarchical domains to resolve this issue.

In addition to it, an ENS domain owner has the facility to create multiple subdomains. Further, they can use them to assign multiple other data locations where they want to redirect other users. For example, they can create subdomain names for a particular transaction, metadata, or smart contract. 

Why is ENS unique?

The ENS comes with many valuable features. And one of them we just mentioned is: Provision to create subdomain names for smart contracts. Hence, it indicates that the security and privacy of ENS to censorship becomes its unique feature. Furthermore, it enables users to interact with other smart contracts through easy-to-read domains.

ENS consists of two kinds of information, including an ENS registry which basically records different domain names. Next, it consists of a Resolver that can convert domain names to complex numerical addresses that machines can understand.  

Furthermore, the owners of the domain can transfer their ownership to another address. Also, they can change the ownership of their subdomains. In short, it has many great features that focus on enabling users to send and receive cryptocurrency more efficiently.

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Steps to get ENS domain

Ethereum Name Service maps long addresses (number strings) into simple names. Here, you can look into a part of Ethereum education guide on getting your own ENS before they become unavailable. Let’s start!

  • In order to register an ENS domain, ensure whether the website is supported by Brave, Status, Metamask and opera. 
  • Firstly, search for the ENS name on the ENS app as per your choice. If it’s available, the ENS app will give you the name.
  • Before registering, make sure you have a crypto wallet.
  • Now click on Request To Register to register the name.
  • If the domain is available, choose the amount you want to bid and click the “I understand” box. 
  • The process starts only when you pay the amount, and the transaction is made.
  • Finally, you get a.ETH domain from the Ethereum foundation.
  • Read the documentation carefully on how to manage your domains. 

Note that as an owner of an ENS name, you can store NFTs, cryptocurrency and other tokens in one place. Following that, the anticipated cost of an ENS name is approx $5. However, you may need to pay a fee for Ethereum transactions as well. Also, note that you need to participate in an auction to register the domain. 

ENS focuses on community decision making processes. In addition, it can provide domain names to hashes too. Therefore, we can say that it provides an advanced level of security as blockchain technology mediates this naming system. 

Where to buy ENS?

If you run a website, you already know the process of buying domain names. You need to create a profile on the platform you are registering your domain from. Next, you need to type the domain name of your preference. Next, you check whether the platform has the exact name available to pass you its ownership. At last, you pay for the ownership and embed the domain name to your website. You have to follow almost a similar process for buying ENS as well. You can purchase Ethereum Name Service from multiple platforms, including Binance, ByBit, FTX, Okex, SushiSwap, Uniswap, and 1 Inch. Ensure to provide correct information when asked and follow the instructions. 

Closing up

The Ethereum Name Service provides normal website-style domain names to cryptocurrency addresses, metadata and hashes. Experts say the naming system has a unique architecture. Opting for an Ethereum certification course, individuals learn to develop smart apps based on the Ethereum blockchain. Plus, it is the best way to understand the core concepts of ENS. So, to become an Ethereum expert and to develop decentralized applications become a part of a community of Ethereum blockchain

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