How to save on car insurance? Let’s find out together

The expenses necessary for the payment of the annual premium due to car liability insurance are among the most important in the management of a car.

Costs differ from province to province by virtue of some parameters and especially the type of car.

Let’s find out in detail how you can save on car insurance with some simple tricks.

What to consider when buying a new car

The annual amount for auto insurance is certainly a major expense, which can weigh on family finances. This is why it is important to take all the necessary precautions to obtain an affordable premium, taking advice from your trusted ATT insurer.

Initially, when you are about to buy a new car, a good habit could be to consult multiple dealerships in order to identify the car that requires an annual insurance amount in line with your needs.

In addition, the choice of the owner of the car must be carefully weighed, as the amount could differ considerably. In fact, a person who has recently obtained a driving license will have to pay a higher annual premium than a driver in possession of a history characterized by very few, if any, accidents.

The important role of the risk certificate

We have already highlighted that in order to save on the insurance policy, the policyholder must have a favorable history.

All this is reported in the so-called risk certificate, which is a personal digital document that all insurance companies can have at their disposal. A fundamental parameter is indicated in the risk certificate, which is the class of merit. In this parameter, there is a sort of accident probability calculation performed on the basis of the last five years. The lower the class, the greater the savings that can be accessed.

An alternative to improve the merit class and obtain a cheaper policy is given by the Bersani decree. The Bersani decree allows all members to acquire the best class of merit present within a family unit. It should be noted, however, that in these situations, however, insurance companies tend to offer higher prices to those who have a high class of merit by virtue of the Bersani Decree.

How to save in the event of renewal of the insurance

The case of renewing the car insurance on an annual basis is different.

Obviously, it will not be possible to change cars to cut costs, but more policies will have to be evaluated before expiration.

The advice is to contact as many agencies as possible, requesting similar quotes in order to make a functional comparison.

In practice, it will be necessary to ensure that the estimates are developed, taking into consideration the same parameters such as the deductible, the ceilings, and any additional services.

To make this comparison, do not wait for the last few days before the policy expires, as you would not have the time to evaluate other solutions that could be more convenient.

The convenience of black box policies

Appropriate savings can be obtained by asking your insurance company about the possibility of installing the black box on your car. The black box is a particular device that allows the insurance agency to have greater guarantees. The advantages are manifold, as in the event of an accident, it is possible to accurately assess the dynamics and thus identify the faults. This is a useful element for the agency to considerably reduce the risk of running into insurance fraud which unfortunately has been many in Italy in recent years.

Furthermore, with the black box, it is possible to request policies whose annual amount for the insurance premium is directly proportional to the km traveled by the vehicle. The device allows you to calculate the kilometers traveled, so if there is a tendency not to travel long distances, there will be a reasonable saving.

With the black box, there are also advantages for the driver, who can get immediate roadside assistance in the event of an accident or sudden mechanical failure.

On the market, there are many insurance policies offered by the main companies that allow you to save by installing the black box.

It is possible to obtain savings that can range from a minimum of 10% up to a maximum of 25%. These are considerable amounts, so this is certainly an option to consider.

The ancillary guarantees

In the event that, despite the many estimates and the black box, the annual amount is still too high for your needs, compromises must be considered.

In particular, it is necessary to carefully evaluate some ancillary guarantees to choose which ones are indispensable and which, on the other hand, can be done without. Furthermore, it is also possible to lower the ceilings set out in the contract or increase the deductible, keeping in mind, however, what the possible consequences are.

As regards the ancillary guarantees, one could think of giving up, for example, roadside assistance, which on average costs around 25 euros a year, or legal protection for an amount of around 20 euros. If your car is rather dated, you could consider the opportunity to eliminate the Kasko or the cover from natural events, which in any case provides a considerable amount, which can even exceed 70 euros each year.