The most advanced disposable cameras of 2022


The best disposable cameras & single-use cameras can be used for fun events, parties, and at the beach.

The best disposable camera can be used for quick and simple analogue photo-taking. This tiny point-and—shoots can be used at a low cost and are simple to use. They can also be picked up at parties and events for a very reasonable price.

Disposable camera are not wasteful. They are not as wasteful, as single-use cameras can often be recycled. Most manufacturers, like Kodak or Fujifilm, will even break them down and reuse them in another batch. You should still be responsible. Check with your lab to make sure that they have a proper disposal plan.

Analogue disposable cameras are very popular. It is no surprise they continue to be in demand. Analogue photography just can’t be duplicated using a smartphone. Also, there’s the delayed gratification associated with analogue cameras, knowing that you will press the shutter but not see the result for several weeks or even months.

Disposable cameras are not just made from cheap plastic. The manufacturers have improved their product and they are more durable than ever. There are sometimes great-value multipacks available, which can be used for large-scale events or weddings. The best part about them is that they come in physical prints, which you can keep or hang up, as opposed to digital files that sit on your hard disk.

There are many disposable cameras, but they can get out of stock quickly, especially if the country isn’t the USA. That’s why we have included many options. The list also includes alternatives if the camera you are looking for is not available in your country.

Let’s take a closer look at some disposable cameras.

Fujifilm Quicksnap

Pre-loaded with ISO400 Fujifilm roll film 35mm, providing 27 exposures. In gloomier environments, you’ll likely want to make good use of the built in flash with its three-metre range. This small fixed aperture camera with a single fixed shutter speed can be used outdoors, in bright lighting. Although it is not sophisticated, it serves its purpose.

Kodak FunSaver Single Use Camera

Brightly colored, this disposable camera can capture up to 39 exposures with Kodak Kodacolor film. Also included is a flash that provides a range from 4ft-10ft. This camera comes in a tough plastic shell that should withstand many drops. It’s almost as if the old saying, “Can’t go right”, should have been applied to photographic proposals such as these. Not to be confused with the 27-exposure model, although the 39-exposure “27+12” option is typically more expensive.

Ilford Ilfocolor Rapid Retro Edition

Although Ilford is commonly associated with black & white films, the company unveiled a new disposable camera with Ilfocolor film. The camera’s cool colors are reminiscent of 1960s photography. Its unique design also makes it stand out in the crowd. You can take several photos at once using the auto-recharging flash. It has a recycle period of 15 seconds.

Kodak Flash Disposable Camera

Kodak Max Versatility 800 speed camera provides 27 exposures. Also, the manual flash is required to be ‘charged.’ The lightweight, compact disposable camera can easily fit into any pocket. This camera is more suitable for taking party shots in dimly lit rooms than some of its competitors.