The Most Environmentally Friendly Window Cleaning In Copenhagen

When our customers need to have their windows plastered in Copenhagen, we are often asked if our window cleaning now also takes into account the environment in the city. We always respond in the same way. With a: “of course it is”.

At Jacobsens Rengøring, environmental awareness always comes first when we clean your windows. If you choose us as your regular window cleaner in Copenhagen, you not only get high-quality window cleaning, you also get a bucketful of good conscience in the price. Without it cost you extra of course?

But how do we actually take care of the environment? If you hire a window cleaner from the Trier Group, you can be 100% sure that the person in question has received thorough training in the use of biodegradable and environmentally friendly liquids and soaps. This means that the soapy water that penetrates into the ground is degraded by nature. Completely without doing harm. In addition, we only use Nordic Ecolabelled products for our polishing.

Gets a non-binding offer on our environmentally friendly window cleaning in Copenhagen?

If you want to receive an offer on what it will cost you to have your windows plastered, please contact us to find out more. We are available on our phone during working hours, and receive emails and messages from our contact form around the clock. Then just hurry to the keys. Order a polish for your home or business today, and arrange a visit from your Copenhagen window cleaner ASAP!

We respond to emails and messages from the contact form within 24 hours, but not over the weekend. If, on the other hand, you call us on our phone, you will, as far as possible, always get a price directly on the phone.

We are always ready to take a non-committal talk with you about your options for window cleaning with a clear conscience. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to prepare them in advance and ask them to the employee who answers your inquiry. We look forward to helping you further!

Order a window cleaner in Copenhagen by subscription

There is no way around it. Your windows need frequent polishing if they are to be neat and clean all year round. We can blame the many whims of the lovely Danish weather. But enough about the weather! If you want to have windows plastered at a fixed interval, you can take out a plastering subscription for your windows in Copenhagen.

Our subscription solution has three different intervals for window cleaning, which you are free to choose from. You can choose to have us clean your windows every 4, 8, or every 12 months. The more frequent you need to have sanded, the smaller the price per sanding. And look, it’s not that bad even.

I would like to hear more about your window cleaning on subscription

We can well understand that! We have a good portion of regular customers in Copenhagen and the surrounding area who are currently enjoying this solution. Just think, just having to think about window cleaning one more time. Then you can let the whole process run on the routine. Our routine. We have so much experience with the subject that you can easily get a polish for your windows even if you are not at home. It must also be a great liberation!

Contact one of our skilled Vinduespudser today. Then we return with an offer within 24 hours. The more thorough you are in your description, the better. Feel free to tell us what type of house you have, and what kind and how many windows are in the house. And also the desired sanding interval.