What is the best window cleaner in 2022?

This model is equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery with great power, since once fully charged, it is capable of providing the necessary energy to clean an estimated up to 120 windows, or 60 m2 of surface.

Window Cleaner – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

Keeping our windows clean can be a pleasure or a punishment depending on the window cleaner you have at home. The good news is that the wide variety of models that the market offers us makes it easy to choose the right one according to what we need. In any case, it is always advisable to check the manufacturing materials of these cleaners as well as their ease of use, being the keys to a good purchase. As a favorite model of users we find the Vinduespudser 150568 window cleaner. This model is based on the traditional cleaning system, but includes a vacuum cleaner and a tank that improves the drying of the windows, avoiding the annoying droplets that sometimes remain on the glass. If you prefer not to worry completely, the E.Ziclean Hobbit V2 model is another interesting alternative. A product capable of cleaning and drying your glass and all types of windows on surfaces of up to 30 square meters, autonomously and effectively.

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Vileda Windomatic – Window vacuum cleaner with rubber lip, window cleaner with flexible head and water tank, vertical and horizontal suction, dimensions 17.5x12x32 cm, red color SEE OFFER OF THE DAY

It has a manual cleaning system, based on traditional suede and drying rubber, but adding a suction system that removes all the water on your lenses and therefore avoids the presence of drops and other debris that affect your image.

The product has a connection system specifically designed by the manufacturer,

 So that if it breaks, you will surely have to order a new one, at the same cost.

An ideal model for cleaning and, above all, drying your glass, avoiding the stains that other systems leave on the windows.

The model is used to clean glass, but also all types of surfaces such as marble or wood, among others, having a versatile design and a range of up to 30 square meters of surface, with great efficiency and comfort.

Some users mention that the included cloths may not be powerful enough to remove persistent or difficult stains, such as bird droppings or heavy dirt, requiring many passes in those areas.